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Sure Fire Way Not To Get Sign Ups And Sales

A sure fire way not to get sign ups and sales prime example.

Today I was approached on Google chat by a person who wanted me to join their programs. I don’t know this person. This person doesn’t know me. After the initial hellos the person went right into their sales pitch. I am o.k. with that. Global Ad Shares was one of the programs they were promoting.  Well I thought that maybe someday I might join Global Ad Shares just not today. Karat Bars was the other program that the person was promoting if you could call it that.

This person informed me that he had been paid over 3000 times already with Global Ad Shares and has made approximately between 250 dollars and 300 dollars. Well that’s great but he had been paid over 3000 times. So I told him I would have to pass. I told him I plan on continuing to build my own business and not someone elses and if he would like some FREE advertising to promote his business he could do so at both my sites. I gave him links.

What happened next was a sure fire way not to get sign ups and sales. He began to basically call me an idiot for promoting my own sites. Made some ugly comments about my sites and me. Informed me I had P>O’d the wrong person. I informed him to never contact me again and that now I wouldn’t join anything he ever had to offer. Global Ad Share’s owners would not be happy to hear this I am sure.

I have nothing against anyone’s program. People should be allowed to promote what they want. I just am someone who normally will not join certain types of programs. It’s not a good idea to insult people when they don’t want to join your program.