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Brand New List Of Viral Mailers That Has Html Capabilities When Sending Your Emails

If you are not using safelist as a way to advertise your business you are missing out.
A safelist is a program that allows for you to be able to send other members email of your
offers.  You will view other members emails to earn credits. You will then use those credits to email other safelist members your offer.  I have found often times safelist are twice as effective in response to traffic exchange programs. However, you need all types of advertising to get the traffic that you need to your business. 

Alohaviral Discovery

Dr. Safelist

Fox Emails

Golden Chest Mailer

Majestic Money Mailer

Mardi Gras Mailer

My Viral Mailbox

Puffin Mailer

Recipe Mailer

Richy Rich Mailer

The Last Mailer

Traffic Booster Mailer

Viral Ad Magnet

Viral Blitz Mailer


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