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Today Is Tuesday..

Tuesday image is of a lovely bird that I found on Pixabay….

Tuesday photo is a lovely photo of a bird from the desk of Betty Mullins owner of The Money Making Learning Center

On Tuesday Feb. 2nd I wish for you a lovely day..

Since my last post not much has changed except now I work a regular job from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and I am so happy to get out there once again into the work field…

No I have not given up yet on my dream of having a lucrative business online…I just will not have the time to pursue it like in the past…In fact I am working presently on my shopping site…It is not quite ready yet but if you would like to check it out it is named BJ’s Best….

I am diligently looking at ads and getting paid for it on Clixsense…

If you have not joined Clixsense Tuesday would be a good day to join….I am trying to see how long it takes to earn back your money once you upgrade in the program and exactly how much profit you would make…So far it looks decent but like all paid to click programs you will not get rich anytime soon…

I am also spending some time educating myself on other programs such as Excel, Word, and Powerpoint.  I have spent more time on Powerpoint than the other two….Love. Love. Love. making videos in Powerpoint….

They have some awesome courses on a site called Udemy if you are ever interested in gaining more knowledge of these types of programs.

Well it is off to work I go this morning and I would like to wish you all a wonderful day..Enjoy the photo of this beautiful little bird but take some time to enjoy some real ones as well…

I will try to post more often in the future and keep you informed of upcoming programs that you might like to try….




3 New Quotes that you may share.

Here are 3 new quotes that you may share. Simply right click on image and save image as.

You may not sell these quotes however you are certainly welcome to use them. Please link back to this site to show folks where you found them.

Have a special quote you would like to share on the site? Or need the graphic made up contact me.

Compliments of Bmullins Inc http://money.bmullinsinc.com

Compliments of Bmullins Inc. http://money.bmullinsinc.com

Compliments of Bmullins Inc. http://money.bmullinsinc.com

These are awesome sayings. My favorite one is the caterpillar one.


~Betty Mullins~



FREE Graphics: Web Buttons

I personally created these buttons using powerpoint.  I would like to offer them to everyone as a FREE gift compliments of Bmullins Inc.  Use them on your webpages, or anything else you would like to use them on…However, you may not sell these. They are for personal use only….

If you would like to link back to me when using them that would be very nice.


copyright belongs to betty mullins of bmullins inc. all rights reserved

To get your copy simply click on image above….